ContourCube ActiveX 1.2
for Windows

ContourCube gets data from existing relational data sources

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ContourCube ActiveX 1.2 Description

ContourCube gets data from existing relational data sources and calculates a multidimensional hypercube, which is then presented as a Grid and/or any vendor chart. ContourCube allows pivoting a resulting hypercube interactively. When loading plain data from a data source (e.g., from a table of relational database), the ContourCube internally presents it as a multidimensional structure (hypercube). Such representation effectively facilitates OLAP operations (like dimension pivoting, facts aggregation, etc.). The hypercube then can be saved as a microcube file. Essentially, a microcube can be considered as a read-only MDBMS (multidimensional DBMS). Along with data, a microcube also stores metadata. Therefore, loading microcube, application can also load the full user interface or part thereof. Since a microcube is a usual file (or, rather, stream), it can be loaded from any conceivable source, including Web. Small size and the ability to embed metadata makes microcubes an ideal tool for publishing data for analysis, as well as for producing source snapshotsfor following offline analysis. Futures. ContourCubeX is an interactive OLAP tool, implemented as an OCX component . Provides extended set of analytical and statistical functions. No multidimensional database (OLAP) server needed. Supports unbound or bound data through ADO, BDE, ODBC (using ADO & BDE). Supports data loading from arbitrary RecordSet. Automatic adaptation to existing data sources. Dynamic data filtering, pivoting, Drill-down and roll-up. Lightning-fast OLAP operations (aggregation and pivoting). Interactive pivoting of hundreds of thousands data points in a fraction of a second. Minimal memory requirements. Unlimited number of dimensions and facts. Sample source code included with nice specialized toolbar. Allows to Link with any chart component Exports data into HTML format. Produces presentation-quality analytical HTML reports.

ContourCube ActiveX 1.2 Screenshots

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What's New in ContourCube ActiveX 1.2 2.0

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ContourCube ActiveX 1.2 Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT, CE

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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